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Volume 14, Number 2

The International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

123 Case Report of Afoxolaner Treatment for Canine Demodicosis in Four Dogs Naturally Infected with Demodex Canis
Fernando Chávez

128 An Inactivated H3N2 Canine Influenza Virus (CIV) Vaccine Aids in the Prevention of Clinical Disease and Virus Shedding in Dogs Challenged with Virulent H3N2 CIV
David K. Cureton, Maya Scott-Garrard, Dana S. Parker, Ashley House, Ernie Veal, Tiffany Aitcheson, Yu-Wei Chiang

135 Effect of Dietary Fiber Source on the rowth Performance and Intestinal Microflora in Piglets
Seung-Jin Lee, Jin-Yoon Kim, Na-Hae Park, Elias Gebru Awji, Joo-Won Suh, Seung-Chun Park

143 Clinical Application of Firocoxib Canine Chews in Equine Practice
Heather D. Gossett, Jennifer S. Taintor, Jameson Sofge, Crisanta Cruz-Espindola, Dawn M. Boothe

152 Sarcocystis fayeri Associated Anti-Toxin in Serum from Horses with Neuromuscular Disease
Siobhan P. Ellison, Austin Li

159 Effect of Farrowing Environment on Behaviour and Physiology of Primiparous Sows with 35-day Lactation
Guoan Yin, Honggui Liu, Xiang Li, Dongsheng Quan, Jun Bao

170 Assessment of Bacterial Density, Diversity, and Antibiotic Resistance-Dissemination from Multidrug-Resistant Escherichia coli to Rat’s Gut Microbiota in Presence and Absence of Antibiotic Treatment: a Useful Animal Model for Future Investigations
Imran Khan, Muhammad Yasir, Taha Kumosani, Aymn T. Abbas, Elie K. Barbour, Asif Ahmad Jiman-Fatani, Esam I. Azhar

185 Molecular Detection of Brucella Species in Ecuador
Ligia Luna, Gabriela Chávez, Lorena Mejía, Veronica Barragán, Gabriel Trueba

190 Assessment Through a Pet Owner Survey of the Gastrointestinal Tolerance of a New High Protein-Low Carbohydrate Diet Range in Growing Dogs
G. Chaix, S. Fournel, M. Zulian, I. Leriche




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