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Volume 16, Number 2

The International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

95 The Protective Effects of Hypericum Perforatum and Nigella
sativa on Testicular Tissue After Testicular Torsion and

Selvinaz Yakan, Yusuf Kenan Da?l?o?lu, K?v?lc?m Eren Erdo?an

105 Effects of Origin on Carcass and Meat Characteristics of

Hernández-Briano Pedro, MSc, Ramírez-Lozano Roque G., Ph.D., Carrillo-
Muro Octavio, Ph.D., López-Carlos Marco Antonio, Ph.D., Mendez-Llorente
Fabiola, Ph.D., Aguilera-Soto Jairo Ivan, Ph.D.

110 A Field Clinical Study to Confirm the Efficacy & Safety of
a Metronidazole-based Oral Suspension in Dogs Naturally
Infested by Giardiasis: Comparison to Fenbendazole

Faure L, Fournel S, Nicolas C, Rigaut D

117 A Case of Canine Dermal Melanoma: A Nutraceutical

Sergio Canello, Gianandrea Guidetti, Alessandro Di Cerbo, Raffaella

122 Longitudinal Evaluation of Serum Symmetric Dimethylarginine
(SDMA) and Serum Creatinine in Dogs Developing
Chronic Kidney Disease

Sarah C. Guess, DVM, MS, DACVIM, Maha Yerramilli, MS, PhD, Edward F.
Obare, Gregory F. Grauer, DVM, MS, DACVIM

131 Statistical Evaluation of Acepromazine and Midazolam as
Preanaesthetics to Ketamine in Yak

Tage Rina, Hitesh Bayan, S. S. Hanah, Joken Bam, Biju Borah

140 Viability of Canine Ovaries Autografted to Different
Peripheral Sites

Maki Hirata, Fuminori Tanihara, Masayasu Taniguchi, Mitsuhiro Takagi, Tsukasa
Terazono, Takeshige Otoi

149 Comparison Between a Continuous Rate Infusion Protocol
and an Accelerated Dosing Protocol Using tissue Plasminogen
Activator for Thrombolysis in Cats and Dogs

Ye-In Oh, Hye-Jin Hwang, Sang-Hun Han, Seung-Hoon Lee, Jae-Hee Lee,
Gi-Jong Lee, Beom-Sung Joo, Dong-Suk Jang, Hyang-Mi Cho, Ji-Hong
Park, Hwa-Young Youn

156 Fosfomycin Penetration into Swine Leukocytes
D.S. Pérez Gaudio, G. Martínez, M.B. Fernández Paggi, J.M. Decundo, A.
Romanelli, J. Mozo, S.N. Dieguez, A.L. Soraci

163 Behavioral Characteristics of Pigs Fed with Opuntia robusta
Fabiola Mendez-Llorente, PhD, Jairo Iván Aguilera-Soto, PhD, Pedro
Hernández-Briano, MS, Octavio Carrillo-Muro, PhD, Carlos Aurelio Medina-
Flores, PhD, Romana Melba Rincón-Delgado, PhD, Marco Antonio López-
Carlos, PhD

168 An Improved invA-based PCR Method for Rapid and Accurate
Detection of Salmonella Isolates

Yajaira Esquivel-Hernandez, BS, MS, Carolina Resendiz-Nava, BS, Alejandro
Alcaraz Gonzales, BS, MS, Pilar Castañeda-Serrano, DVM, MC, PhD, Gerardo
M. Nava, DVM, MC, PhD















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