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Volume 1, Number 1 o Spring 2003

The International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

Influence of Amount and Type of Dietary Fat on Plasma Cholesterol Concentrations in African Grey Parrots
F. J. Bavelaar and A. C. Beynen

Selenium Status of Spring-Born Feeder Calves
Jeff W. Tyler, Stan Casteel, Robert L. Larson, Ronald K. Tessman, Richard Randle,
Robert B. Miller, and Julie M. Holle

Bovine Tuberculosis: Prevalence and Risk Factor Assessment in Cattle and Cattle Owners in Wuchale-Jida District, Central Ethiopia
G. Ameni, K. Amenu, and M. Tibbo

Adhesion and Invasion Characteristics of a Septicaemic Avian Escherichia coli Strain Are Plasmid Mediated
Eliana Guedes Stehling, Tatiana Amabile de Campos, Alessandra Ferreira, and

A Novel Cytologic Evaluation Technique for the Detection of Mycobacteria in Veterinary Samples
Kelly L. Diegel, Scott D. Fitzgerald, Mitchell V. Palmer, and Diana L. Whipple

Morphologic Changes in the Thyroid Glands of Puppies Fed a High-Iodine Commercial Diet
V. A. Castillo, M. S. Rodriguez, J. C. Lalia, and M. A. Pisarev

Prostaglandin Based Estrus Synchronization in Postpartum Dairy Cows:
An Update

K. Murugavel, J. L. Yániz, P. Santolaria, M. López-Béjar, and F. López-Gatius

Comparisons of Cyathostome Control and Selection for Benzimidazole Resistance Using Larvicidal Regimens of Moxidectin Gel or Fenbendazole Paste
Craig R. Reinemeyer, Amy W. Farley, and Bill C. Clymer

Occurrence of High Udder Infection Rates in Dairy Cows in Ungunja Island of Zanzibar, Tanzania
G. K. Gitau, M. Waridi, H. A. Makame, M. M. Saleh, R. A. Muhamed, A. P. Mkola, and M. A. Haji

Reduced Availability of Trimethoprim/Sodium Sulfadiazin and Doxycyclin Hyclate in Drinking Water Systems
Chris Vervaet, Jody Voorspoels, Filip Kiekens, and Jean Paul Remon

Serum Lactoferrin Concentrations In Calves Fed Fresh Or Frozen Colostrum
Nicole M. Holloway, Jeffrey Lakritz, Jeff W. Tyler, and Steven L. Carlson

Antimicrobial Resistance in bacteria isolated from Dairy Herds in Chile
B. San Martín, J. Kruze, M. A. Morales, H. Agüero, D. Iragüen, S. Espinoza, B. León, and C. Borie

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