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Volume 2, Number 4

The International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

227. Three-Year Duration of Immunity for Canine Distemper, Adenovirus, and
Parvovirus After Vaccination with a Multivalent Canine Vaccine

Michael Gill, PhD, Jay Srinivas, DVM, MBA, PhD, Igor Morozov, DVM, PhD, Janell Smith, BS, Craig Anderson, BS, Sherry Glover, BS, Deborah Champ, DVM, MPVM, Hsien-Jue Chu, DVM, PhD

235. Survey of Veterinarians and Producers on Johne’s Disease in Iowa Cattle
Suelee Robbe-Austerman,DVM, John U. Thomson,DVM, Melvin Pence,DVM, Pam Smith,DVM

252. Effects of Metal Amino Acid Chelates on Milk Production, Reproduction, and
Body Condition in Holstein First Calf Heifers

H. Dewayne Ashmead, PhD, Stephen D. Ashmead, PhD, Royce A. Samford, PhD

261. Drug Use Survey and Evaluation of Quality Assurance Training for Meat Goat Producers
Kevin L. Anderson, DVM, PhD, Cavell Brownie, PhD, Jean-Marie Luginbuhl, PhD,
Martha Mobley, MS

269. Ethnoveterinary Medicine: A Potential Alternative to Orthodox Animal Health Delivery in Zimbabwe
Tafara Matekaire, MS, Taona M. Bwakura, MS

274. Epidemiologic and Serologic Investigation of Multifactorial Respiratory Disease
of Sheep in the Central Highland of Ethiopia

Gelagay Ayelet,DVM, Laekemariam Yigezu,DVM, Esayas Gelaye,DVM, Selam Tariku, Kassahun Asmare,DVM

279. Evaluation of Doppler Ultrasonic and Oscillometric Methods of Indirect Blood
Pressure Measurement in Cats

Christopher E. Haberman, BS, Jefferson D. Morgan, BS, Chang W. Kang, DVM, PhD, Scott A. Brown,VMD, PhD

290. The Effects of Different Types of Honey on Tensile Strength Evaluation of Burn Wound Tissue Healing
M.Z. Rozaini, BSc, A.B.Z. Zuki, PhD, DVM,M. Noordin, PhD, MSc, DVM,Y. Norimah, PhD, A. Nazrul Hakim, PhD, DVM

297. Factors Affecting Hematological Profiles in Three Ethiopian Indigenous Goat Breeds
M. Tibbo,DVM,Y. Jibril,DVM, M.Woldemeskel,DVM, PhD, F.Dawo,DVM, MVSc, K.Aragaw,DVM, J.E.O. Rege, BSc, MS, PhD

310. Quantitative Assessment of Humoral Immunosuppression in Water Deprived Semi Nomadic Sheep
Elie Barbour, PhD, Ghida Banat, MSc,Wafica Itani, Lina Jaber, MSc, Adele Habre, MSc, Shady Hamadeh, PhD

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