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Volume 3, Number 3

The International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

179 The Application of Spatial Analysis Tools in Small-Ruminant Brucellosis Eradication Programs in Northern Spain
Raúl C. Mainar-Jaime, DVM, PhD, Pedro L. Litgh-Pereira, DVM, PhD, Tasha Epp, DVM, Cheryl Waldner, DVM, PhD

189 Prevalence and Risk Factors of Mastitis in Lactating Dairy Cows in Southern Ethiopia
Demelash Biffa, DVM, Etana Debela, MVs, Fekadu Beyene, PhD

199 A Comparison of Serological Methods for Detecting the Immune Response After Rabies Vaccination in Dogs and Cows From Rabies-Endemic Areas in Brazil
Natali Fachin MSV, Beatriz A Carvalho, Tereza Cristina Cardoso, DVM, PhD

207 The Mare Reproductive Loss Syndrome (MRLS) and the Eastern Tent Caterpillar: Immunological Testing of Aborting Mares
M. Julia B.F. Flaminio, DVM, MS, PhD, Daryl V. Nydam, DVM, PhD, Manu Sebastian, DVM, MS, PhD,William V. Bernard, DVM, Thomas Tobin, MVB, PhD, Julia M. Hillegas, Mary Beth Matychak

217 Evaluation of Animal Origin Cell Cultures for In Vitro Cultivation of Noroviruses
Yashpal S. Malik, BVSc, PhD, Sunil Maherchandani, BVSc, PhD, Paul B. Allwood, MPH, PhD, Sagar M. Goyal, BVSc, PhD

223 Age-Dependent Level of Antioxidant Defense System and Lipid Metabolism State in Calves
Nikolai A. Kostromitinow, PhD

227 The Prevalence of Strongyles in Stabled and Pastured Horses in Vermont and Efficacy of Anthelmintic Programs in These Horses
Linda G. Capewell, BA, Donald Hunt, DVM, Jorge Guerrero, DVM, PhD, Kathleen Newcomb, Thomas Root, PhD

233 Newcastle Disease Virus Neuraminidase Inhibitions: Differences Among Strains and a Proposed Mechanism for the Elution-Inhibition Antibody Reaction
I. L. Graves, DVM, PhD

242 The Effects of Changes in Sodium and Potassium Concentration on the Growth of Mastitogenic Bacteria In Vitro
David R. Arney, MSc, PhD, Clive J. C. Phillips, BSc, PhD

249 Sedative and Analgesic Effects of Romifidine in Horses
Juliana Peboni Figueiredo,MV,William W. Muir, DVM, PhD,ACVA,ACECC, Julie Smith, DVM, Glen W.Wolfrom, PhD

259 Lung Lesions in Pigs at Slaughter: A 2-Year Epidemiological Study in France
Philippe Leneveu,DVM, Nathalie Robert,MS, Alassane Keïta,DVM, Eric Pagot,DVM, Patrick Pommier, DVM, Philippe Tessier, DVM

266 Compound Alpha: Comparison of 2 Fasciolicide Formulations in Cattle
Froylán Ibarra-Velarde, PhD,Yolanda Vera-Montenegro, PhD, Raquel López-Arellano, PhD, Germinal Cantó-Alarcón, PhD, Rafael Castillo-Bocanegra, PhD, Alicia Hernández-Campos, MSc

271 Ultrasonography in Hepatobiliary Evaluation of Domestic Cats (Felis catus, L., 1758) Infected by Platynosomum Looss, 1907
Márcia Salomão, DVM, MSc, Letícia M. Souza-Dantas, DVM, Flavya Mendes-de-Almeida, DVM, MSc, Aline S. Branco, DVM, Otílio P.M. Bastos,MD, PhD, Franklin Sterman, DVM, PhD, Norma Labarthe, DVM, DSc

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