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Volume 5, Number 2

The International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

49 Detection of Hepatozoon spp in Naturally Infected Brazilian Dogs by
Polymerase Chain Reaction

Alexandre Garcia de Sá, VMD, MSc, Aloysio de Mello Figueiredo Cerqueira,
VMD, MSc, DSc, Lucia Helena O’Dwyer, VMD, MSc, PhD, Fabricio
da Silva Abreu, VMD, Renata Fernandes Ferreira, VMD, Ananda Müller
Pereira, VMD, Pedro Bittencourt Velho, VMD, Adriano Stefani Rubini, VMD,
MSc, Nádia Regina Pereira Almosny, VMD, MSc, PhD

52 A Cross-Sectional Study of Fasciolosis in Autochthonous Cattle From NW
Spain by Using a 2.9-kDa Recombinant Protein

Adolfo Paz-Silva, George V. Hillyer, María Sol Arias, Rita Sánchez-Andrade,
José Pedreira, José Luis Suárez, C. Lomba, Pablo Díaz, Iván Francisco,
Pablo Díez-Baños, Patrocinio Morrondo

57 The Effect of Dietary Protein on Body Composition and Renal
Function in Geriatric Dogs

Nolan Z. Frantz, PhD, Ryan M. Yamka, PhD, Kim G. Friesen, PhD

65 Seroepidemiological Investigation of Bovine Brucellosis in the Extensive
Cattle Production System of Tigray Region of Ethiopia

Gebretsadik Berhe, Kelay Belihu, Yilkal Asfaw

72 Canine Parvovirus (CPV) and Intestinal Parasites: Laboratorial Diagnosis
and Clinical Signs From Puppies With Gastroenteritis

Tatiana Xavier de Castro, DVM, MSc, Cláudia Maria Antunes Uchoa, MSc,
Maíra Cavalcanti de Albuquerque, Norma Volmer Labarthe, DVM, DSc,
Rita de Cássia Nasser Cubel Garcia, DSc

77 Behavioral, Physiologic, and Stress-Related Hormonal and Metabolic
Responses to Intravenous and Epidural Morphine in Goats

Gwendolyn L. Carroll, MS, DVM, DACVA, Nora S. Matthews, DVM, DACVA,
M.A. Crist, DVM, Thomas H. Champney, MA, PhD, Sandee M. Hartsfield,

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