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Volume 6, Number 3

The International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

145 Serologic Diagnosis of Equine Borreliosis: Evaluation of an In-Clinic Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (SNAP® 4Dx®)
Ramaswamy Chandrashekar, MS, PhD, Daryn Daniluk, BS, Scott Moffitt, DVM, Leif Lorentzen, DVM, Jeff Williams, DVM

151 Epidemiology of Atrial Fibrillation in the Dog
Jessica Westling, BA, DVM, Wendy Westling, MS, MPH, R. Lee Pyle, VMD, MS

155 Effects of an Intestinal Phosphorus Binder on Serum Phosphorus and Parathyroid Hormone Concentration in Cats With Reduced Renal Function
Scott A. Brown, VMD, PhD, Marjorie Rickertsen, BS, Suzanne Sheldon, DVM

161 Prevalence and Risk Factors for Borrelia burgdorferi Infection in Mexicali, Baja California, a Mexico-US Border City
Luis Tinoco-Gracia, MSc, Héctor Quiroz-Romero, PhD, María Teresa Quintero-Martínez, PhD, Tomás Benjamín Rentería-Evangelista, PhD, Alberto Barreras-Serrano, MSc, Sawako Hori-Oshima, PhD, Gerardo Medina-Basulto, PhD, Javier Vinasco, PhD, Manuel H. Moro, PhD

166 Evaluation of Intestinal pH and Osmolality Levels in Rats (Rattus norvegicus) and Chickens (Gallus gallus) Experimentally Infected With Trichinella zimbabwensis
Kudakwashe Magwedere, BVSc, MVSc, Samson Mukaratirwa, DVM, MVSc, PhD

175 Comparison of Bovine Transfer Factor and Tilmicosin Phosphate: Effects on Health and Growth Performance of Newly Arrived Feedlot Heifers
Sean P. Montgomery, PhD, Justin J. Sindt, PhD, Matthew A. Greenquist, PhD, Erik R. Loe, PhD, James. S. Drouillard, PhD

181 Calcium Aluminosilicate (Cas) in the Treatment of Intractable Diarrhea in Dogs with Cancer
Kevin A. Hahn, DVM, PhD, ACVIM, Robert H. Carpenter, DVM, MS

185 Hematologic Parameters in Polymerase Chain Reaction-Positive and -Negative Dogs for Anaplasma platys Presenting Platelet Inclusion Bodies
Renata Fernandes Ferreira, VMD, MSc, Aloysio de Mello Figueiredo Cerqueira, VMD, MSc, DSc, Ananda Müller Pereira, VMD, MSc, Micheli da Silva Ferreira, VMD, MSc, Nádia Regina Pereira Almosny, VMD, MSc, PhD

191 Electrocardiographic, Hematologic, Histopathologic, and Recovery Characteristics From Repeated Morphine-Chloralose Anesthesia in Dogs
Daise Nunes Queiroz da Cunha, Matthew Buccellato, Bruce W. Keene, Paivi Rajala-Schultz, Yoshinori Nishijima, Yunus Ozkanlar, Robert Louis Hamlin

200 Prevalence of Giardia in Household Dogs and Cats in the State of Rio de Janeiro using the IDEXX SNAP® Giardia Test
Norma Labarthe, MV, DSc, Flavya Mendes-de-Almeida, MV, DSc, Margareth Balbi, MV, MSc, Marcia Salomão MV, DSc, Jonimar Paiva, MV, MSc, Ana Lucia Crissiuma, MV, MSc, Rita de Cássia Nasser Cubel Garcia, DSc, Márcia Miranda, MV

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