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Volume 7, Number 1 & 2

The International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

1 A Flavonoid Mixture, Dual Inhibitor of Cyclooxygenase and 5-Lipoxygenase Enzymes, Shows Superiority to Glucosamine/Chondroitin for Pain Management in Moderate Osteoarthritic Dogs
Bruce P. Burnett, Kristol K. Stenstrom, Mary J. BaarschWilliam S. Swafford, Joel Ehrenzweig, Robert M. Levy

13 Effect of a Xenogeneic Urinary Bladder Injectable Bioscaffold on Lameness in Dogs with Osteoarthritis of the Coxofemoral Joint (Hip): A randomized, Double Blinded Controlled Trial
William Rose, DVM, Jeffrey D. Wood , DVM, Abby Simmons-Byrd, RVT, Alan R. Spievack, MD

23 Concentrations of Leptin in Serum of Gilts and Barrows Sired by Boars of Different Breeds and Adiposity
Kyle A. Alberti, B.S., Mark J. Estienne, Ph.D.,Allen F. Harper, Ph.D.

27 A Retrospective Study of Ulcerative Keratitis in 32 Dogs
Joon Young Kim, DVM, MSc, PhD, Hye-Jung Won, DVM, MSc Soon-wuk Jeong, DVM, MSc, PhD

32 Efficacy of a 12.5% Pyriprole spot-on solution against natural flea (ctenocephalides felis) infestations on dogs.
Barry Hosking, MPM, Ben Kaye Smith, Günther Schuele, PhD, Günther Strehlau, PhD, Pablo Junquera, PhD

36 Increased Urinary F2-Isoprostane Concentration as an Indicator of Oxidative Stress in Overweight Cats
I.Jeusette, A. Salas, N. Iraculis, M. Compagnucci, C. Torre, V. Romano, N. Kirschvink

43 Efficacy of a Nutrient Synergy Against Colibacillosis in Poultry
Elie K. Barbour, Fouad A. Mastori, Houssam A. Shaib, Ryan H. Yaghi, Ihsan T. Tayeb, Fawwak T. Sleiman, Zeina G. Kassaify, Rana K. Sawaya, Afif M. Abdel Nour, Alia H. Sabra, Steve Harakeh, Matthias Rath

50 The Efficacy of Pyriprole Topical Solution Against Infestations of Adult Ticks (Ixodes scapularis, Amblyomma americanum and Dermacentor variabilis on Dogs
Günther Schuele, PhD, Sharron Barnett, MS, Louis G. Luempert, PhD, William R. Everett, PhD, David.R. Young, PhD, Pablo Junquera, PhD

57 Relationship among presence of antibodies against ascaris suum, eosinophilia
and autoantibodies (igm-rf)

R. Sánchez-Andrade, A. Sánchez-Andradea, J.L Suárez, M. Arias, I. Francisco, C. Díez, A. Romasanta, P. Morrondo, P. Díez-Baños, A. Paz-Silva

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