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Volume 9, Number 1

The International Journal of Applied Research in Veterinary Medicine

Table of Contents

1 Antiparasitic Efficacy of a New Fipronil-based Spot-on Formulation on Dogs Experimentally Infested with Ticks Dermacentor reticulatus
Stephane Bonneau, Sandeep Gupta, Laurence Maynard, Hyone-Myong Eun

6 Evaluation and Comparison Under Field Conditions of the Stress Response Induced in Horses When Administered Endoparasiticides in Tablet or Paste Formulations
Tim Whitaker, Xavier Goupil, Olivier Roy, Denis Marciat, David McGahie

15 Efficacy of a Topical Ear Formulation with a Pump Delivery System for the Treatment of Infectious Otitis Externa in Dogs: a Randomized Controlled Trial
Delphine Rigaut, Annaele Sanquer, Laurence Maynard, Christophe-Alexandre Rème

29 Onset and Duration of Transient Infections Among Antibody- Diverse Beef Calves Exposed to a Bovine Viral Diarrhea Virus Persistently Infected Calf
Jason S. Nickell, Brad J. White, Robert L. Larson, David G. Renter, Julia Roque, Richard Hesse, Richard Oberst, Lalitha Peddireddi, Gary Anderson

40 Paired Pre- and Post-treatment Serum Biochemical Parameters and Thyroxine Concentrations in a Cohort of Ninety Seven Radioiodine-treated Hyperthyroid Cats
Daniel A. Feeney, Carl R. Jessen, Ralph C. Weichselbaum

52 Serum Fructosamine in Cats Receiving an Oral Chondroprotective Agent
Kyshia T. Davis, Katharine F. Lunn

58 Evaluation of Hydrocephalic Ventricular Alterations in Maltese Dogs Using Low Field MRI
Jung-Woo Nam, Chi-Bong Choi, Dong-Cheol Woo, Kyung-Nam Ryu, Eun-Hee Kang, Hwa-Seok Chang, Do-Wan Lee, Bo-Young Choe, Hwi-Yool Kim

68 Survey of Opinions About Nutritional Requirements of Senior Dogs and Analysis of Nutrient Profiles of Commercially Available Diets for Senior Dogs
Dana Hutchinson, Lisa M. Freeman, Karen E. Schreiner, Dawn Geronimo Terkla

80 Assessment of Small Holder Dairy Production System and Their Reproductive Health Problems in Jimma Town, Southwestern Ethiopia
Abebaw Gashaw, Frew Worku, Shiferaw Mulugeta

87 Immunohistochemical Characterization and Quantification of Lymphocytes Infiltrating Bovine Lungs in East Coast Fever
Vallery M. J. Kessy, Jayro A. Matovelo



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